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Dan has that rare combination of being a great biblical teacher, excellent administrator, with a heart for people.  As our pastor for 10 years we saw and experienced each of these gifts first hand in our church and, more importantly in our lives.  Through these gifts God used Dan to minister in significant ways to our family, our church family and our community. 

Michael Perry

SpringHill Camps, President & CEO

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Dan is diligent, highly detailed, extremely thorough, and fully committed to Christ.

Dan exhibits the wonderful quality of a teachable spirit.

Dan is a kingdom-minded pastor.

Dr Robert White

Care for Pastors - Leesburg FL

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Having worked with Dan for the last several years I would describe hi as a servant leader.  His care and concern is most often pointed towards others. 


Youth Director - Indiana

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I am thankful for Dan's guidance and wisdom. . . He's always willing to share. He has a true servants heart!!



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Dan's wisdom in how he approaches questions is something that I always appreciated. I always felt I left our conversations with more knowledge and a greater perspective than when I went in. 



I always appreciated Dan's sincerity and care for those in his church. From the first time we met him, we always felt welcomed and genuinely loved.



I have always appreciated Dan's exegesis and delivery of God's Word.

Dan is a faithful prayer warrior remembering our family.  He would regularly ask about specifics so he could pray specifically for us.



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His sermons on organized powerpoint presentations were easy to present through the projection system at the church.



What I appreciate about Pastor Dan is how he genuinely loves the Lord and people. Sitting under his teaching, it quickly becomes evident that he spends a great deal of time studying the word.  He thoroughly enjoys delivering an inspiring yet challenging message so our walk with Jesus will be deepened.  


Another character quality I admire about Pastor Dan is his zeal for life and his positive outlook which includes plenty of laughter.  Having been in Pastor Dan’s church for ten years, I always felt appreciated and cared for.



Pastor Dan . . . He's a Legend! 


Indiana HS Student

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I will never forget how Pastor Dan would break out in song or tell little stories to enhance the sermon. . . that helped to bring the truth to light that week!  


I always enjoy Pastor Dan's simple presentation in relaying biblical truths in layman's terms. 



Uncle Dan - He is still hip! 

Matt (Nephew)

HS Student

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